Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thievery Corporation

Tuesday night Jerill and I were "cool kids" and went to a concert at the Paramount. We saw the band/group Thievery Corporation. This band has been around for awhile now and Jerill has had/played their music for many years as well.

Other than starting 45 minutes late, it was a good show to see live, which was a bit of a suprise actually since the two founders of the band are DJs who mix music electronically and basically stood behind huge (and expensive) music makers. The band is also comprised of a horn section, an extensive percussion section, a bass/setar player and a guitarist. Further, they have 7 different singers - 4 women and 3 guys, all from around the world and with varying styles (Reggae, French, Iranian, etc.). We didn't have high expectations so we were pleasantly surprised.

Their website is - you can get all the specs/history there.
Here is a link to the music from one of my favorite albums they have put out. Just click on the song titles to sample the music:

And here is a video I found on You Tube that features one of their more popular, and "harder" songs (Reggae inspiration).

They are a bit of a political music group which I personally find annoying since this means that hippie types also show up to their shows (can we just say I saw more pot being smoked in the Paramount last night than I have ever seen/smelled at the Gorge Amphitheatre!). However, their political messages and voice are consistent over time and I do value that. I listen to Thievery Corporation a lot while I'm working. In fact, I am sure there have been many research reports submitted where my writing style was influenced by the jazzy tunes of this band (and Gotan Project, and Massive Attack).

Peace out.

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