Sunday, May 3, 2009

What has 8 eyes, 16 legs and 4 wagging tails?

It's Sunday and I'm sitting on the couch totally surrounded by sleeping dogs - 3 collies and 1 Shih Tzu mix. Jerill and I are taking care of Rainey for Diane while she undergoes another heart procedure this week.

Rainey is a daughter of Scott and she looks a lot like her daddy, albeit she has brown eyes and and she probably weighs 10-12 pounds less than him. She's about 18 months old and as cute as they come...

Four Dogs! They're all getting along marvelously

I am actually running in a sheep trial with Scott and Rainey at the end of the month. Rainey and I will be running in a Novice-Novice class, as she is now beginning her career as a working dog. The apple doesn't fall from the tree and Rainey has a lot of tendencies/flair that her dad does, as well as those of her momma, Tess ,who is as accomplished in stock work as Scott.

I have a trial with just Scott this coming Saturday, up in Acme, WA (wherever that is!). Jerill is coming with me so I hope to have some pictures to share!

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