Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Snippets and Snowflakes

For some reason I've had a hard time finding free time to do things like update blogs and such, so here is a quick overview of the past couple weeks.

Easter came on Sunday. We had it at my house - 7 adults and 1 four year old and three dogs. A little hectic but ended up being a good time.

It snowed today - that's pretty crazy considering it's Mid-April! My camelias are not going to like this one bit. I hope my budding tulips will be okay...

Scott on our walk in the snow this morning

My flowering cherry trees and pink camelia bushes, in bloom with snow on them. Yikes.

I hope the snow melts off the Hybrid before I have to go out tonight!

Last week, for work, I drove to Spokane and back to give a 10-minute 7 am presentation to the Customer Service group over there. I stayed at the Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane, which was a really nice place inside, and it's close to Nordstrom and allows dogs to stay there for no extra charge, so I took Lucky with me. The only thing is that the streets around the hotel feel like the U-district with regard to the personalities roaming around, and this happens to be in the "nice" area of the city. I'm a bit of a tough-nut when I travel alone so I don't get bothered, or haven't yet anyway, so it was all good. There was a great coffee shop next door as well who served great lattes - Blues Brothers Coffee I think. Here are some pics from that trip:

Lucky sprawled out on the King sized bed. He settles in quickly.

This is the view from my hotel room. Yuck. The FOX tv station sign was rotating right in front of me.

On the drive home through beautiful Eastern Washington. Sunny skies but still only about 58 degrees outside. Better than snow I guess.

A few Saturday's ago I helped Diane out with "processing" the new lambs that have been born this Spring on her farm. Basically, I was the lamb wrangler. This involved stalking them, grabbing them, holding them on my lap for their first immunizations, flipping them on their backs for their first toenail trimming and tail "banding" and then a hold-up for a nice spray of paint on their backs (red for girls, blue for boys). I did this 33 times and my muscles were sore for days. It is a total work out. The weather was great though and we didn't rush the process so it was actually fun! I fell in love with the littlest hair sheep she has there at the moment... so cute. And, one of her Doerfler sheep had a all black sheep too this year. I love black sheep and I beleive every sheep farm needs one black sheep ;)

This is a Katahdin hair sheep with her twins

The baby white sheep in the back is the Precious one. And you can see Blackie the black lamb in the foreground here. Maybe Diane will name them Yin and Yang ;)

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