Monday, April 20, 2009

You win some, then you leave

Who doesn't love to gamble, maybe just a little bit?

I'm not a big gambler at all but I do like to play the video slot machines at our local casino, especially the PENNY SLOTS!

Last night, Jerill and I jumped into the Hybrid and headed off to gamble a little bit of dough at Snoqualmie Casino (it just opened in November 2008). We stopped by the bank and Jerill got $20 and I got $20 out - this was our allowance and budget for the evening. Basically, when you're playing the penny's, this means we had 2000 credits (sounds like a lot huh?!).

Jerill spent $8 on drinks to start - one red hook for him and one bud light for me. Then, we strolled along the slot-floor looking for the machine that was throwing off the right vibe, that is, that feeling that you will make a little bit of money tonight. We passed a row of 1/2 cent slots - yes, that's right; due to the economic downfall, the casinos are doing whatever they can to get people to part with their money, every one-half penny at a time if they have to.

We walked on by those 1/2 cent machines - even I'm not that cheap.

So, viola, I felt a draw toward a row of machines just past the cigar bar. The game: Cleopatra. The objective: to make money.

This game was awesome. You could hit bonus rounds where you touch the screen to win cash. I hit the bonus round 3 times! I won 600 pts, 1800 pts, and another 600 pts - each point being worth one penny. Then I won 20 free spins too that resulted in about 500 more points. So, in about 5-10 minutes of play at the same machine, I grew my Jackson to $55.45. Not too shabby I thought on penny slots.

I then got scared, thinking I would lose it all, so we went home. I will be using my extra $35 to pay for Pho lunches for the next few weeks - my coworkers and I go to Pho about once a week up in Mountlake Terrace / Shoreline (in fact, we just found a place that gives you the free cream puff for dessert! Okay, maybe I am that cheap!).

Jerill didn't fare as well. He spent his $8 on drinks, $1 on a tip, lost $5 at one machine in the high-roller section and pocketed the rest of the money (probably went to Starbucks today).

The secret, I've found, to slots is to play at lest 30-60 credits at a time. Wins will multiply by the variable of the credits you wagered. And, you can never win the adverised grand prize of $20K or more unless you bid the max, which is typically 100 to 150 credits (or more). Then those penny slots become a high roller type situation.

Here is the link to info about this particular machine that was quite fun to play.

Happy Gaming!

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