Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Snow

It's March 29; nine days after the first day of Spring, and we awoke to snow this morning. It's now 9 a.m. and starting to melt/rain. However, I was able to get outside and get some nice shots.

These are the woods we walk through every morning and night during our Scott/Lucky walks.


Flowering Cherry

Flowering Cherry Blosson - this bloom will be ready to burst in about 4 days I would bet.

Daffodil - next to house.

I also got some pictures of Scott and his neighborhood girlfriend - we refer to her as "Chow Chow." She is our neighbor's dog - she is 12 and deaf and as a typical Chow Chow is, not sociable to people. She does like to greet Scott though, and Scott always perks up to say hi to Chow Chow...

Scott & Chow Chow
Scott posing for a nice picture in the snow

Our road we walk every morning and night

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