Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dog Movies - Part I

I decided to take some video footage of the pooches today.

Here are Mattie & Scott outside. Mattie likes to concern herself with other dogs in the neighborhood that might be down the hill, so she tends to keep her focus to the left.

This movie is of all three dogs. You have to understand that Mattie tackles and chews on Lucky like this daily - multiple times per day. Lucky never has a scratch on him afterward; in fact, Lucky sometimes eggs Mattie on to come and tackle him. Scott typically doesn't want anything to do with the situation though...

And last, Scott the Herding Dog is also Scott the Tennis Ball Dog. He likes to chase tennis balls, especially when outside. In this case, he actually retrieves a ball to me even though he loses it down the hill and has to find it in the lower yard, out of my sight. Scott sometimes doesn't want to give up the ball though, preferring to lie down at the point of "attack" and pluck the ball-fuzz off of it.

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