Monday, March 9, 2009

Snow Insanity

You know, I really don't think Scott is liking this particular snow storm. He's here at the end of driveway, looking for a place to mark probably, and he's can't find anything. There is about 5-6 inches on the ground at this time (about 10 a.m. this morning).

I took both sheep dogs outside at the same time - Mattie on lead of course, just in case another dog in the neighborhood decided to go out too. You can see the size of these flakes coming down - it's insane.

Looking down our road... We live on a hill, and then our driveway is also a little hill. We have the most excellent sledding hill in our backyard. I'm sure Jerill and I will be out there tonight!

YakTraks are $25 rubber/steel things that you stretch over your shoes to prevent slips on ice. These were quite the investment as neither Jerill nor I shovel snow.

I've been simmering a lamb leg all day - I hope it comes out good. I didn't use a recipe, just sauted some onion and garlic, added broth, added some old tomatoes I had, a 1/4 cup of port wine and a tablespoon of English Mint Sauce (not jelly but watery, vinegary, minty stuff). I've peaked a few times into the pot and it smells/looks delicious. I'm going to also put a risotto together.
So, it's obvious by my picture taking and my evening dinner simmering on the stove that I worked at home today. I just didn't want to struggle to get to work in traffic and snow and potentially get rear-ended in traffic or slide into a ditch along my own road (how embarrassing). I'm staying in.
I discovered a new cocktail this weekend though that you should all hear about: the Sidecar. OMG these are yummy. Check out this site for history of the drink and how to make it. (and no, I wasn't reading,it just happened to come up close to the top in my Google search on Sidecar Drink Recipes).
Another thing as the snow continues to build outside, I thought itwould be a hoot to share my dogs' astrological forecasts with you. I just learned this weekend that Scott is a Gemini (born June 6, 1999). Well, this was quite a shock for me since Mattie is a Gemini too (and I'm a Gemini as well which really means we have 6 personalities between the 3 of us). Lucky, the little stinker, is a Virgo. Here is what the Internet says about my dogs and their astrological destinies...
Gemini: The Yapper
The Gemini Dog will be restless, versatile, exuberant...and many other things as well...all at the same time. He or she is easily able to communicate feelings (whatever such feelings might be) and will soon have any owner well-trained. This split-personality dog is, in essence, an eternal puppy, quickly bored and requiring constant attention. Physically, the Gemini Dog is likely to be slightly underweight due to the fact that he or she goes everywhere "at the double." An alert and graceful creature, the nervous energy of the Gemini Dog enables this canine to keep going all day, should the need arise...and even when there is no need. However, the minute the Gemini Dog is asked to undertake anything boring or mundane, he or she will be overcome by nervous exhaustion and collapse into a shivering, twitching, hyperventilating wreck. A puppy governed by Gemini is sure to bring chaos into any home. To this little soul, everything will be new...the house, the people, the garden...and the happy pup will be more than content to explore, anxious to learn everything about his or her new surroundings and those with whom he or she is going to be living. The length of this "Indian Summer" will depend upon every variable possibly imagined...the number of rooms, number of people and size of the garden, to name but a few. In short, a Gemini Dog oozes charm and it is not long before he or she will have the entire family (and most of the neighborhood) wrapped around his or her dew-claw.

The Gemini Dog is difficult to train, firmly believing that he or she knows what is best. However, if the impatience of a Gemini Dog can be overcome, then an owner will soon be able to teach this canine an entire battery of tricks...anything from "playing dead" to somersaulting through flaming hoops, for this is a dog who loves to "show off." With fleet-footed Mercury as his or her Ruling Planet, the Gemini Dog is one of the Zodiac's fastest runners and, not surprisingly, any Greyhound born under the influence of this sign is likely to enjoy much success at the race track.
It is important to note that the only time an owner will be absolutely sure of the whereabouts of the Gemini Dog is when he or she is attached by a leash. The remainder of the time, it will be anyone's guess. Much like the "Elephant's Child," who always wanted to know more, this canine will be inquisitive and enquring. The Gemini Dog thrives in new environments and will love it if the owner houses he or she with a friend for a few days. This is, however, a dog which tends not to be overly-faithful and, given the opportunity, may run away forever.

It takes the strength of personality found in a Leo native to help the Gemini Dog become more decisive, and a natural sympathy between the two usually ensures compatability. Aquarius owners, being broad-minded enough to allow things to follow their natural course, will also find the Gemini Dog to be a suitable pet.

Virgo: The Helper
The Virgo Dog is a genuine domestic creature, more resigned than any other Sign of the Zodiac to play the role of pet. In fact, he or she will feel totally comfortable in this position and accept it without a single murmur. This canine will be in his or her element as a friend and companion living with humans, and will strive to be the perfect pet. The Virgo Dog considers being told what to do as a also saves him or her the trouble of having to think up something. There will be no unpleasant surprises for an owner who returns home to the Virgo Dog since this canine is the cleanest and most hygenic of the Zodiac.
Physically, the Virgo Dog is strong and muscular but requires a lot of exercise when in good health. Unfortunately, this canine is also the hypochondriac of the dog world...a single flea, for example, and he or she will be convinced the pesky parasites are covering the entire body from head to toe...or a simple stomach upset, and the Virgo Dog will be certain that he or she has salmonella poisoning. The Virgo puppy will be easy to handle in the beginning, but as he or she gets older, trouble is bound to start. This canine is determined that his or her life be filled with beauty and nothing but the best will suffice...the most comfortable chair, the most delicious of food, the most luxurious of surroundings. The Virgo Dog will never be found sleeping on a hard floor and is sensitive to discomfort in much the same way as the fairytale Princess was to the irritating pea. The Virgo Dog tends to spend a great deal of time in the garden, communing with nature as he or she weeds, digs and generally makes a mess.

The Virgo Dog is never happier than when he or she is doing something for the owner. This canine will take over some of the many chores which pile up during the day...bringing in the laundry, counting the socks, clearing the table, for example. However, this truly helpful dog does not always get it right. As a creature of routine and habit, this canine will expect to be fed and walked at the same time every day. Generally, sheep dogs and working dogs governed by Virgo thrive very nicely, working from dusk until dawn and content in the productive nature of his or her employment. Since Virgo traditionally rules small animals, however, even toy dogs such as chihuahuas tend to flourish under this sign.
All Virgo Dogs are loyal and expect the same steadfastness from any owner. It should be noted, however, that this dog does not take kindly to small children. Being trodden on and grabbed does not suit the Virgo Dog one bit. Neverthless, he or she will be receptive to cats...a creature this canine appears to adore regardless of shape or color. Indeed, the owner of a Virgo Dog would be well-advised to bring a feline into the home.

Natives of Taurus and Capricorn tend to make the best owners for the Virgo Dog, sharing some of the earthy elements and even the penchant for cats. Basically, however, owners born under any Zodiac Sign will enjoy the company of this canine...with the possible exception of Scorpio subjects who tend to perceive the Virgo Dog as a tedious flatterer.

Okay, the stuff about Gemini Dogs being hard to train because they think they know more than their handlers but they are fast and exceed at everything and anything you want them to do, and their "roaming" nature is true to the core.
And for the Virgo dog, I honestly couldn't have described Lucky better here! It's dead on. Especially the part about being a hypochondriac, getting salmonella poisoning, staph infections, hives... and I just love the bit about Virgo sheepdogs/working dogs are really great workers. Lucky does do flyball and although his knees give out on him, he still wants to keep going - perhaps that is what they are talking about here?
Here is the website I lifted this from:

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