Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Is Really Coming!

I'm working at home today and found the sunshine just too tempting. So I put on my boots and went outside to take some pictures of what I call "fetal spring" - I know it's coming, it really is.

We still have about 3-4 inches of snow on the ground and the ice on the roads is almost totally gone from our neighborhood. I may actually take the Hybrid to work tomorrow!

Yes, even Border Collies must emerge from their winter slumber and begin to accept that Spring is here!

My tulips... struggling to come up through the snow. Well, they actually look pretty healthy.

Hello fake plastic garden squirrel. I have missed you!

Why, hello Hybrid Civic! Let's get that snow off your windshield, shall we?

And hello to you Camelias... these ones will be pink and really bushy.

Please survive Mr. Heleborous. This plant is "elk-proof", so I have like four of them, but I think one didn't survive this winter.

This is some type of floral/ornamental cherry tree. Just look at those baby leaves and buds!

What's left of you Crocus plants? Poor things came out last week and then got 7 inches of snow piled on top of them. They look pretty good considering...

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