Monday, December 22, 2008

Weather or not

CRAZY snow! I thought last year was snowy but this is crazy. The Premera MLT campus is closed today, but I'm still working at home doing some teleconferences and programming a questionnaire. It snowed much of the weekend here in the Valley (and in the Big City of Seattle). Plus, we had some major wind-action as well with 50-60mph winds and 75mpg gusts. Thankfully, all of the trees in our neighborhood stayed upright.

Saturday was actually the best day of the week to go out in the car, so I took off for downtown Seattle to get some shopping done, but most importantly, to get to my hair appointment at Mode. I love my stylist, Molly. She and I click and I think she enjoys me as a client as I let her do some fun things with hair. So, I'm sporting a chic asymmetrical bob, flat ironed out, with BRIGHT red on the top and dark underneath - it blends beautifully. In fact, I have a picture that Jerill took because we are using this pic as my ski-pass pic...

Poor little Hybrid... the car hasn't been driven in a week now. I did brush all the snow off it after taking this picture as I felt bad for it. In this weather, I'll be relying on my Honda CR-V to get in and out of our driveway! The CR-V does great in the snow actually and I'm very comfortable driving it in this weather.

Poor Hybrid

Here's our main backyard

And our house, all snowy

Lucky has been having a hard time getting around in the deep snow (about 9 inches now and over a foot in some drifts!). He gets stuck and then starts to get a little panicky. I've been carrying him out to the road where it's not too deep. Mattie is in heaven with the snow; however, she gets really snow-bally and then melts out in the house. Scott gets little snow-balls stuck in his paws but that's really all that he has happen to him.

I groomed everyone this morning - brushed and trimmed Lucky and Mattie and brushed Scott out too. They all seem to enjoy their grooming times now - Mattie doesn't snap and growl anymore... she seems to go to her "happy place" and even gets a little cuddly.

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