Monday, December 15, 2008

Perspectives 1

I'm not one to complain, too much. Sure, I have a tendency to whine a bit and my voice will go into that screechy tone once in awhile, but there are some things that just demand a good bitching. For instance, let's take neighbors who let their little, ratty dogs start barking EVERY morning at 6 a.m. including weekends. What is up with that? Doesn't it bother them to the point they will try to get their dogs to shut up? When my dogs bark in the house it bugs the crap out of me and they get a correction. Shame on those neighbors who let their cougar-bate sized dogs run around unsupervised and letting them bark, chase people, bikes and cars and bark at ME when I'm in my own freaking yard.

Now, because it snowed this weekend, let's get started about the drivers around here.

Has anyone ever heard of "keeping a safe distance between you and the car in front of you?" Why do retard drivers cut into that space then? In situations where I'm around these types of morons I tend to always have the same fantasy - it's about me behind the wheel of a 1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria coupe and just running, no... make that drifting carelessly, into people who really deserve it. Cutting me off in a snow storms tells me you want to get hit hard. So, in my magical Ford LTD (did I mention it would be baby blue) I would be safely nestled within 3 tons of steel - while you, in your rattle-trap 4Runners, X5s and Dodge Ram pickups (the last of which may pose a bit of a challenge for the LTD) would heed the power, the stability and the sheer, raw brutality of "Baby Blue" - so aptly named.

See in the picture below how it doesn't even fit in the parking spot? The LTD may be ugly but it is a very awesome piece of machinery I have to say and it's super comfortable. I've actually driven a late 80's LTD before so believe me, I know what I'm talking about when I say the car is totally kick-ass...

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The snow storm at our house pretty much sucked. We didn't get too much snow compared to the lower valley or even in the Eastgate / Seattle area. I drove the Hybrid into work today and we did just fine.

Herding News: Saturday morning I had my 2nd herding trial ever. The drive to Long Branch, WA was tedious given the snow storm, fallen trees I had to drive through (wishing the CR-V had brush guards for that!) and the stupid idots who follow too closely, but I made it on time. I ran Scott in Pro-Novice and in Ranch again. And, my trainer was also at the trial (she is in what's called the "open" class - where the experienced handlers go with their experienced dog. Scott is an "open" dog, and I'm the novice handler, so that's why we're in Pro-Novice classes). Anyway, Scott and I didn't do so well - we got fourth out of five dogs running. My trainer went over where I went wrong though and we'll be working on that stuff for the future. But get this, after my trainer ran her own dog, Tess, in the open class (and she didn't do so hot), she let me run Tess in Pro-Novice. I haven't worked with Tess in months but she is an excellent, forgiving dog who knows her work. So, with Tess, I got first place! And, I ended up beating my trainer's own score with her own dog! It was surprising but felt very nice to win something! Now, I just have to start winning with Scott since he's technically my dog now.

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  1. Ouch, wound my heart by beating me with my own dog, Tess!! You had a nice run and had one of the best pens all day.

    But I did win the Open Class with Nan so I did redeem myself!!

    The cupcakes were delicious!!