Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...

Tis the season to decorate the tree! Jerill and I picked up our Pagan symbol of Christmas on Sunday at the Christmas Creek Tree Farm just down at the end of our road. It wasn't snowing on us this year like it was last year, but it was still good times. We finished dressing the tree last night. However, I continue to make little additions here and there. We got a small-ish tree this year (about 5.5 feet) and put it on a table. This is the ideal situation for households with dogs who like to jump up at windows and knock stuff down. It's also cheaper than a 6' or 7' one and who, other than my loyal readers, is going to know that I've got a short tree? Jerill and I had a 10 footer in our condo in Bellevue and we vowed to never get one that big again (it was cool though).

Our Tree...

Of course you can expect our tree would include ornaments that best represent our animals. So without further adieu...

Here's Lucky "muck-lucks" Thorpe

And George, the brilliant orange cat

And, Gigi Super Kitty

And, since they don't really make any Smithfield Sheepdog ornaments, this sheep ornament will do for Mattie

So, I'm looking forward to this weekend. First, it's supposed to snow, BIG TIME this weekend. I'm excited. I won't be driving the Hybrid to work tomorrow, simply because I will not take any chances of it snowing on my way home from work. Not that I can't manage in a front-wheel drive car, BUT, I have a AWD CR-V at home just itchin' to get some snow action. Plus, gas is so freaking cheap right now, it's not a big deal to let the Hybrid chill for awhile (literally). Then, on Saturday, when it's really supposed to be a white-out, I have a sheep trial in some place called Longbranch, WA. I'm trying to convince Jerill to let me take his Audi Quattro since it has those heated seats and all.

Does anyone know when How the Grinch Stoel Christmas is going to be on TV? I love the Who's song "Fah Who Fore Azz." I did just eat a significant amount of Divinity candy (it's like nougat with nuts in it and it's delicious). I'm on a total sugar buzz right now - just in time to make dinner!

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