Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's the Great Pumpkin!

Saturday was a lovely day. I brought my husband, Jerill, along to Jude's work session at Diane's farm in Carnation, WA. The sun was out and it was fairly warm!  Jude enjoyed himself and Jerill was impressed by Jude's abilities with the sheep, remarking "he listens really well." Amazingly, I am impressed myself by Jude and how he tries and does in fact listen well to both me and Diane when out on the sheep. For a 16/17 month old dog, this is very nice indeed!

After Jude's lesson, Jerill and I went to Remlinger Farms in Carnation, WA to take in their Fall Harvest Festival. We wanted to get a pumpkin for our doorstep, plus given the nice weather, I wanted a few more pictures of myself as a pregnant woman. My due date is rapidly approaching and I don't think I'll ever look this way again!!  

We did find our pumpkin in the massive field of pumpkins.  There were a bunch of other families out in the field too.  It wasn't too muddy out there but I'm glad I wore my Scottish Argyll farm boots - of course, with my swollen preggo-feet right now, farm boots and Birkenstocks are about the only things I can wear right now!

This way to the Pumpkins!!

 The Patch

 Jerill with a new friend

 Pumpkin Belly sitting on a pumpkin...

 More scarecrows having fun

 Poor pumpkin. Wonder what happened to you?!

 Our chosen one!

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