Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Most Famous Car In the World

As you may know from some of my prior posts, I'm a bit of a motorhead. Not extreme, but I do like cars, especially pretty, fast, expensive ones! 

Last weekend Jerill and I attended the 2011 Kirkland Concours d'Elegance. Basically, this is a 'fancy' car show where proceeds from ticket sales benefit children's hospitals around the Puget Sound area.  We also went because my parents were showing their car in the 'non-judged' segment of the show. While their car is great, it's not what is called "concours" quality. Basically, to be a concours car, you have to be immaculate and everything needs to be original.

Another reason why this particular car show was a big draw for me is that the James Bond 007 Aston Martin DB5 (yes, the one from the movies like Goldfinger and Thunderball) was being shown as well.  How cool is that!?

Here is the car from the 1964 movie...

And here it is in 2011...

There were other cars at the show too, but we didn't take too many photos as the place was swarming with people and getting decent pictures proved difficult.

This particular BMW caught my eye - perhaps because it's black and white and really, really cute!  I think Scott and I would look awesome driving down the road in this...

I liked this Aston Martin Zagato too - I think it's a 1961 or something. Its lines were so beautiful that it looks more like a sculpture than it does a car.

This very old Aston Martin was in immaculate condition. It's just an interesting, lovely looking car that my Dad probably wishes he had in his garage.

Jerill liked the Greyhound on this car (I liked it too). I also really liked the color of the car.

That's pretty much it for pictures from the car show!  The only other picture on the camera this time was of Jerill painting the baby's room. It's almost ready!  And, it's in the nick of time being that I'm 35 weeks along now!

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