Monday, December 27, 2010

Jude's Latest Puppy Lesson

Jude and I had a wonderful lesson with Diane at her farm on the 24th. Perhaps this was Jude's Christmas gift to me - that is, going in both directions around his sheep with ease and listening and cooperating with me!

He is getting a rather reliable 'lie down' on him which came in handy when Diane had me work with him on my own. No longer does he head the sheep and stop moving! Diane shared some tricks of the trade with me to get him going right. I also have to say that I did a pretty good job of working with him. I'm certain that getting to work with some of Diane's own dogs over the last year - from the seasoned 11 y/o professional dog to a young and vivacious 10 month-old, came in handy with getting my timing right and setting my expectation level for Jude.

Now that Jude is getting older and has demonstrated he can take some pressure, Jude will be getting more sheep time - I'm thinking now we'll get him on sheep once a week instead of just once every 2-3 weeks. In early Spring, depending on how things progress, he'll be able to get on sheep twice a week (plus, it will be lighter out and I'll be able to get to the farm after work!).

I was very happy with Jude this past weekend! Yay for the Klondike Bar Dog!

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