Monday, December 6, 2010

Diary of a giant Border Collie puppy

Dear Diary,

I continue to grow.

I am now bigger than Mattie the beardie and taller than my great-uncle Scott.

Although I still don't see the point of running around sheep in a counter-clockwise direction, I discovered this weekend that mom really likes it when I stop running around them when she asks me to.

My dad says my ears - one sticks up and one flops over - give me "character."

I am not sure why mom gets annoyed when I jump on the couch and onto the remote control and turn the TV off or mute it. She does though.

I love cow hooves and beef shank bones. I like cheese and hotdogs too. I am pretty sure I like all food.

I am wearing my cousin Mattie's fancy Coach collar right now because I broke-through my puppy collar while on a walk. Mom says when I stop growing I will get my own special collar with my name on it.

That white stuff all over my yard a couple weeks ago was certainly fun, especially when I pulled my mom across the ice. What isn't fun is getting toenails trimmed.

Oh, and I keep hearing talk about a tree being inside the house soon. Said tree will be on a table though to prevent GiGi the cat and us dogs from destroying it. I don't know, that sounds like a challenge to me.

~ Jude

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