Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hey Jude

Please welcome a new addition to our family!

Delta Bluez Jude
Jude arrived via Alaska Airlines on Friday, July 30th. I picked him, and his dam Sleat up from the airport as they arrived from Sacramento - it was only a short flight and both dogs did very well. They happened to be on the same flight as Martin Buser's Itidarod sled dog team (I saw Martin and his staffers as well as all his dogs, but I had no clue who it was until yesterday!).

Jude is nearly 12 weeks old and is really quite a pistol as well as being quite a looker. He is marked just like his mother Sleat who is one of the most unique Border Collies I've seen - and that's unique in a good way (she is beautiful!). Although we've had Jude less than 48 hours he is already well adjusted to the other dogs and is getting the hang of our routines. Right now, he is winding himself up in a fleece blanket... As expected, Scott and Lucky are not amused by a puppy in the house but they are taking the new addition quite well. Mattie is non-chalant about the whole thing - she knows she is still my number one girl. In a couple months as Jude gets bigger, he will become Mattie's #1 play buddy, giving Lucky a much needed break.

Jude went to Diane's sheep farm yesterday and our friend Kathleen surprised us both by announcing her new puppy as well! A 12 week old Australian Kelpie named Josh. Talk about cute! He and Jude came to be fast friends and it will be great to see Josh and Jude grow up together.

The pups found a piece of hard plastic and decided to wrestle for it...

Jude seems to think that by sitting on your opponent, you can get what you want. In this case, he was right and ended up taking off with the plastic-prize.

It will be fun to document Jude's puppyhood on the blog. Stay tuned!

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  1. Jude is adorable! I was just telling Diane today how I just adore Sleat! I look forward to watching him grow on your blog. Vicki