Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chicken Run

Well, the girls have settled in quite nicely. They are yielding about 3 eggs a day now and my three young gals, Holly, Kendra and Bridgit, have not yet started laying. I suspect once they mature, we'll be getting 4-6 eggs a day!

What to do with all those eggs? Well, how about deviled eggs? I actually just made a batch of those to take to a 4th of July party tonight. And, what about quiche? Why yes! These quiche must be the most unhealthy things I've ever made - 8 eggs per quiche, cheese, sour cream, bacon, half-n-half... but hey, there's three cups of spinach in there too so that negates the real bad-for-you things, right?

The Russian Orloffs lay one egg a day right now. Their eggs are light brown. The Sicilian Buttercups lay every 40 hours or so - their eggs are smaller and white. I've given some eggs to my parents and also gave them out as gifts on Father's Day.

None of the birds are easy to photograph. I have a decent automatic camera with a substantial zoom on it; however, the birds move super fast; I have too many shots with their bodies in focus but their heads are a total blur. I did manage to take these today...

Free ranging all day long in our "Triangle Yard."

The Russian Orloffs Myrtle and Mergatroid

Sicilian Buttercup, Flo. They're named "buttercups" because they have a doubled comb and it makes a cup

The Rhode Island Reds, Bridgit and Kendra, are playing peak-aboo. Holly is off somewhere and didn't get into today's photo shoot.

I also got some cute pics - well I think they're cute - of my three dogs. Mattie is actually due for a hair cut, hence why her bangs are in a ponytail.

Mattie, my working beardie. She had a great herding session with Diane yesterday!

Scott isn't a big photo-fan. He looks pretty serious here. He worked hard at the farm yesterday and is taking it easy today.

Lucky, the Maltese-Shih Tzu. He's such a cutie-pie! He didn't do anything yesterday.


  1. It is very nice chicken. I never see buttercup chicken in my country. See my blog

  2. Aw wow! We've got Orloffs, Buttercups and reds, too. Plus a couple of ridiculous polish Blacks and some australorps. The Orloffs are our favorites, though. We've decided one is a pet.

    Quiche & Fritattas! Fried rice, deviled eggs...we're still inundated.