Thursday, June 4, 2009

What Do You Get a Smithy For Her Birthday?

May 31 was not only my birthday, but Mattie's too. I declared her birthday on this day (she was a rescue, found as a stray) because we're pretty sure she was only 6 months old when I picked her up from the shelter on Thanksgiving Day 2006. This makes Mattie 3 years old now, yet she still acts like a puppy. Mattie is our Smithfield Sheepdog, a working beardie type who has drive off-the-charts and is a total athlete. She and I are still herding every week and I hope to get her some agility equipment at home as soon as our fence is fully build. Mattie LOVES jumps, ladders, chutes and tunnels. We took a 5-week agility class about a year ago and she learned almost every skill by name, except those dang weave poles!

Anyway, Mattie had a good birthday - she got one present this year...

Here's Mattie, opening up her present. See Lucky on the left, waiting anxiously.

The newspaper stuffing is no match for Mattie - she tears into it with no reservations...

"Holy Smokes! Just what I needed! A Hide-A-Bee!" Mattie exclaims.

"Open it! Open it!" Jerill had to help pop the box open. Once open, Mattie readily grabbed the hive full of squeaky little bees.


After the intial "kill" thoughts subsided, Mattie settled to start loving her new Hide-A-Bee toy.

And Lucky got to share in the excitement too.

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