Monday, November 10, 2008

Dream Cars

Okay, not that my Hybrid isn't nice or anything, but I have to say I fell for a few cars at this year's Seattle Auto Show. Jerill and I went to the Show on Sunday with my parents, Carole and Arnold. I inherited my interest in cars from my parents who have probably had more cars that I care to count - some of which have been quite cool including a '67 Mustang, a Jag, an MG, and even a Model T. Here are some of the goodies from the show...

Okay, this is the Audi A8L - this is my dream car for commuting.
It's HUGE, comfortable and totally awesome. Quattro AWD, auto-everything.
And, it's really fast. MSRP around $87K to start.

Can't forget the new Aston Martin - same model as the one in the upcoming James Bond movie. This one will run you about $300K. This car is nice but I don't really WANT it like I want the Audi A8L or the other white one...

My Dad jumped into the 'fun' car they had at the show - the Flinstones Car. It was pretty plasticy but still pretty cute.
I believe it actually does run - although this one didn't appear to be powered by foot-power.

And, in my opinion, the creme de le creme of cars. The Porsche GT2. I've always loved the GT3 and this is their newest model into the line of Porsche Supercars. You can drive this as your every-day car, and then race it in Grand Prix events. Totally sexy, totally fast, totally Porsche. MSRP $197K

After the auto show, we decided to visit the new Snoqualmie Casino that just opened last Thursday. It was busy but bearable. We ate dinner in the Buffet as my parents are retired and LOVE buffets. This one is definitely better than the OCB (Old Country Buffet), and ALMOST as good as the Buffet in the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. They offered a nice array of meats, seafood and Asian foods. Their desserts were pretty good (chocolate covered cream puffs and sundae bar). We didn't gamble one cent though. However, I will probably be back this week (Thurs?) to eat at the Sushi place in the Casino and try my luck at those 3 cent slot machines.

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