Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's hunting season so the neighborhood elk herd has been "missing" for a couple weeks. However, this morning the cows showed themselves, in force. I counted 11 total (I've seen as many as 18 in our neighborhood). The bull was nowhere to be seen though.

Looking out my office window...

From my bedroom window

Close up of a cow, in the neighbor's yard
The elk are beautiful, but they're extremely destructive to native and non-native trees and plants. One of the cows was casually walking toward my garden outside the fence, with her eye on my apple trees! The elk have been known to jump our 6-foot fence before. So, I yelled "you get out of here Elk!" and I could tell she re-thought the situation and went the other direction. The "ladies" hung out about 15 minutes and then left after I told them they weren't welcome in MY yard. I'm sure they will be back tomorrow to raid my plants while I'm at work - that's what happened in August when I lost my dahlias, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, poppies, apples and cabbage. For some reason, they don't eat the weeds though.
I washed the hybrid today - it was pretty dirty. I need to wax it on the next nice day we have. I'll be driving it to Seattle tonight to have drinks and dinner with Jerill, Michael and Shawn since Michael will be leaving for Tennessee (his home) tomorrow.

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