Sunday, March 25, 2012

I like to be, under the sea

Today was a fun day. Jerill, Josie and I met up with our friends Liz, Laird and Greacen for a trip to the Seattle Aquarium. I haven't been to the aquarium since they remodeled it and it is quite different than it used to be. Gone is the dome you could walk into and be surrounded by Puget Sound fish. The dome has been replaced by interactive tide pool exhibits and new fish alleys that include a Hawaiian fish exhibit, sea horses, an octopus and jelly fish. The outdoor area had otters, harbor seals and spotted seals, as well as a Pacific Northwest River habitat exhibit.

Josie and Greacen (pronounced Grayson) had as much fun as a 5 month old and 6 month old baby could have. Both bubbies were mesmerized by the large habitat areas where they came eye to eye with colorful fish - some almost as big as them!

Yeah for fish!

Dad and daughter ready for a day at the Aquarium

Jerill-n-Josie and Laird-n-Greacen

Josie loves hanging with Dad in the Baby Bjorn
Josie watching the big fish swim by her

Mr. River Otter having his meal
There are 2 kinds of Otters. Laird felt that the Sea Otter was the lazier of the two types.
Josie the Octopus

And here are some fish pictures...

There are a lot more fish in this picture than first meets the eye

Get in my belly shrimp!

The all time aquarium favorite - the Lion Fish. Roar.

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