Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow day!

We're having quite the snow event in Western Washington today. Apparently, today's 4-5 inches is just the start of a 3-day snow-smorgasbord. Wednesday is supposed to be the heaviest snowfall, paired with high winds which means BLIZZARD (my favorite Dairy Queen treat)!

The dogs love the snow. Mattie is most in love with it though - she rolls in it, gets herself covered in snowballs then sits at the top of the yard and looks down on her domain (the neighborhood) like the ever-so-watchful sheepdog she is. Nothing gets by that dog. Scott sometimes enjoys chasing Mattie in the snow but usually he plods around, does his business, then hustles back into the house. I think he had his fair share of working in the cold and snow up in Canada as a youngster. In retirement now, he prefers working his chicken flock and retiring each night to his warm dog bed and big screen TV.

I went to visit my parents yesterday and Lucky is doing well. He pretty much runs the place now and has ultimate domain over their sofa and lounge chairs.  He also enjoys an even bigger big screen TV than what Scott has.

Today is Josie's 3-month birthday. My baby is no longer classified as a "new born" (insert frowny face here :-( ).  She is officially an infant now and on her way to "toddler" soon I think. If she is anything like her cousin Nathan, she'll be walking around in just 5-6 more months! I'm not ready for that. 

As one would expect, being my daughter, Josie has an extensive wardrobe of clothes, shoes and hats - a little something for every occasion. So, with the snow means it's snow-suit time. Today, Josie opted for an asymmetrical button-up footed and mittened and hooded velour suit in light pink. She looks so cute in this! Tomorrow perhaps we'll break out the Winnie-the-Pooh suit.

Josie smiled for much of the time she was outside today. I think she liked the bright white snow and also loved seeing the dogs race around acting like total spastics.

Okay, we did take some pictures over the holidays. Here is Josie and I in front of our 2011 Christmas Tree

And in early December, Jerill's mom was able to get Josie to hold her own bottle!

Wear's baby??? Well, because I was too confused by the Baby Bjorn carrier (so many straps and every time I tried to get Josie into it, it resulted in cries of fear and panic), I purchased a Serene Sling.  I love, love, love this carrier...

It's comfortable to wear, easy to put on, easy to put baby into, and baby likes it!!  Josie spent all of New Year's Eve brunch in it.

Shhhhh, baby's sleeping.

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