Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gossip queen

Today seemed just like any other. The chickens were going about their business scrubbing the grounds for tasty bug-morsels and enjoying the brief stint of sunshine on their backs.

All was calm in the Chicken Yard.

However, word in the yard was that something was up. Kendra, being the big gossip she is, got wind of a rumor flying around the coop. Although pledged to secrecy, Kendra just cannot keep her beak shut.

Kendra - obviously she's got something on her mind that just can't stay secret for long.

Kendra was bursting with delight when she came across her sisters, Holly and Brigit. She told them first of this juicy gossip she had.

Holly and Brigit listening to Kendra spill the beans.

Word quickly spread to the other girls.

And shortly, all seven girls were in a fluster about the news Kendra leaked.

Mergatroid the Russian Orloff exclaims "It can't be true. My Russian informants would have told be about this first, not some bubble-head Jersey-shore wannabe from Rhode Island."

Holly the Plymouth Rock smirks "Well, if it is true, I am still pretty. I mean, I am the cover-chicken on the Purina Layena pellet food. I am star."

Myrtle (the elder Russian Orloff) boasts to Holly "I would not be so sure about that Holly."

Myrtle continues... "I have no clue what Holly is thinking. I am the most beautiful chicken there ever was and I should be the cover-chicken on those bags of feed. Holly needs to respect her elders."

Kendra blatantly states "Uh, Myrtle old girl. You're missing the point of the conversation. Didn't you hear the hot news? We are getting ROOMMATES!"

Yes, it's true. My flock of 7 is now a flock of 9. I am now the proud chicken-momma of two white Silkies.

I'm thinking of naming them Aunty Entity (Tina Turner's character in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome) and Red Sonja but I haven't totally committed to those names. Silkies are not the brightest breed of chicken out there and I'm having a hard time convincing them to leave the coop/habitat. I plucked them out of their coop today and they free ranged for a bit, eating cracked corn with the other girls.

They will be fun!


  1. Silkies are the Queens of Chickendom.

  2. I hope they're both hens! Won't know for sure for a few more months!

    I don't do well with cockerels.