Friday, June 4, 2010

Keep Right

I do a lot of commuting in my Honda Civic Hybrid - at least 300 miles a week. Most of those miles are during Seattle rush-hour traffic too. I mix my commute up a bit, just to keep it interesting, taking I-5, I-405, I-90, Hwy 202, Hwy 203, sometimes even putting a little Hwy 99 action in there. However, the case is the same on all roads I drive, especially during the morning commute - people are idiots when it comes to the concept of "keep right."

I'm not an agressive driver, but I like to drive assertively and I like to at least go the speed limit. Even when I had my 2004 red WRX (210hp, turbo), I was a safe, competent, and "efficient" commuter. The Hybrid, bless its little heart of 110hp, is a fuel efficient yet relatively nippy little ride as well.

My greatest gripe about commuting is people who drive in the left lane (the "fast" lane if you will) and do not get out of the way of drivers approaching behind them.

On Interstate 90, there are numerous signs from milepost 13 to my exit, milepost 34, that state the following message...

I feel these messages are pretty concise, readable, easy-to-understand. I am not sure why my fellow commuters have such a problem with these signs though.

Why do left-lane offenders believe these STATE LAWS do not apply to them?

Oh wait! I'm talking about the drivers who insist on driving 64mph in the 70mph zone because it's raining, and those who slow down in the left lane to 55mph in the 70 zone because, heaven forbid, we are going up a 3% incline?

I have to admit, drivers who insist on not keeping right except to pass have one redeeming quality; I am able to work on my descriptive language skills. I have come up with a variety of expletives that any sailor or trucker would be proud of.

At the end of they day, the keep-right violators end up forcing commuters like myself to find alternate routes to pass. Thus, all apologies for those in the middle lane or "slow lane" whom we "cut off" - we are only trying to get on our merry way and follow the law.

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  1. One of the few things that get get me into a road rage.