Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sheepdog Trial Stars

On Sunday, January 24, 2010, the McDonald's held their final Eweful Acres Winter Series sheepdog trial. It was well attended in all classes offered. In the class I entered with Scott(ProNovice), there were 29 dogs competing! It was a good day and it was a long day. But most of all, it was a day where a lot of dogs got to show off their skills! Some great photos of the dogs in action were taken, and so I'm going to show those here, in my collection titled "Trial Stars." Be sure to click on the pictures to view them in a larger size!

Okay, this is me, posing with Scott (my dog) and Faye (Tony's bitch). Faye is a daughter of Nan and was being run by Diane at the trial in ProNovice/Ranch.

This little girl is named Bella. She is owned and handled by Lora W. and she recently had a litter of pups thus, she lost all her hair. She is running in ProNovice. Bella is a real sweetie.

This is Emma - she is the most flashy/photogenic/pretty red head dog you'll ever meet! Emma is owned/handled by Kathleen T. They are running in Ranch/Novice.

Here is Diane running Faye in the ProNovice class - heading toward the chute obstacle. Diane also ran Faye in Ranch and won that class! Faye is Nan's daughter.
Here is Lucy. Lucy is owned and usually handled by Monique F. but at this trial, Diane was running her in Open because Monique was in Florida.

Here is Nan. Nan won the Open class. This picture was taken right before Nan completed a great shed with Diane. Their shed and their pen/chute were flawless!

Here is Lora with her little bitch Nell. Nell is a smooth coat Border Collie and is cute as a button. She is running in ProNovice but will soon be in Open I bet!

Roo - the big red dog. Roo is working the sheep through the chute here while running in Open with Diane. Roo is "a lot of dog" on the trial field. He is also the sweetest big-red dog I've ever met.

Here is Ruby. She is being handled by Ron G. Ruby is working her stuff in Ranch.

Here is my baby, er, I mean my working Border Collie dog Scott. Scott and I placed 13th in ProNovice. I love Scott, even when he doesn't listen to me in trials (errr).
This is Tick - he's not a Border Collie! Tick is an Australian Shepherd, owned and handled by Trudy V. Tick ran in ProNovice.

This is Tigr - she got 2nd place in Open. She is from Spokane and is being handled by Ron G.

This is Zoey. I cannot recall who Zoey's handler/owner is but they make a lovely team. Zoey is running in Novice.

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