Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mattie and Tam

Take one Mattie...

Add one Tam...

And you get totally adorable doggie friends!

Tam is Diane Pagel's (my herding teacher) newest addition. He comes from the mid-west. He's about 7 months old and he's totally adorable. He's staying with me for a week to learn some house manners and some basic obedience. Plus, I LOVE having a friend for Mattie that she can play with. It just so happens that Scott and Lucky are grumpy old farts and do not appreciate getting gnawed on or tackled, but Tam LOVES it! See video below of one of the many sessions Mattie and Tam have had in the family room...


Tam has gained a few nicknames since staying with us, including: Tam Tam, Tambourine, Tamarind Tree, and Tammee. Jerill of course has his names as well but those aren't really appropriate to share at this time! Perhaps Diane will let me run Tam next year in Novice and Ranch??? We will see!

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