Monday, August 10, 2009

More Alaska

More pictures from my trip to Alaska! I went to Anchorage and Juneau with my colleage in Market Research, Jeff. Jeff was our focus group moderator in fact! The groups were a success (2 in each market) and we got some time in between flights to tour the cities.

Jeff's favorite store in Anchorage, Once in a Blue Moose...

Me and a resident teddy bear.

The Duck Fart is a delicious shot of Bailey's Irish Cream, Kahlua and Crown Royal. We went to the bar, The Peanut Farm, where the Duck Fart was originally created...

Here's our receipt. See the 4 Duck Fart - sheesh... $5.25 a shot!

Juneau is a Cruise Ship port - this is a Holland America Line ship (The Rotterdam or something like that)

Downtown Juneau. It's inundated with "cruisers"

In Anchorage, we went to this one HUGE bar/club thing called Chilkoot Charlie's. One of the bars/rooms in this drinking facility was COVERED in underwear. Of course, this is where we drank our Coors Lights.

I'm pretty happy about my Duck Fart here...
Jeff is getting friendly with some of the local wildlife in Anchorage; a dead, stuffed wolf. On the right is a flippin' dead, stuffed wolverine. Too crazy. I couldn't find that these "specimens" were actually for sale but I'm sure EVERYTHING in Anchorage has a price.

If furs and taxidermy freak you out, then you do NOT want to go to Anchorage. I don't mind it all that much. Seeing dead wolves is a little disturbing though, especially grey ones.

We drove about 20 minutes out of Anchorage toward the scenic Seward Highway. This is Jeff and Nicole looking for whales. Note, the wind was blowing at 35mph and it was raining.

Shopping district of downtown Anchorage.

More of downtown Anchorage. Note: this trolley goes only one place - the Ulu Factory. Ulus are traditional Alaskan knives (great for cheese slicing). The gift I bought at the Ulu Factory (some Moose snacks - chocolate pretzels - was forgotten in the hotel room in Juneau).

Heather, Nicole and Jeff outside The Peanut Farm bar and restaraunt. World Famous apparently... and Jeff WAS touching this Harley against our advice to not touch it.

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