Sunday, February 1, 2009

40 Things

I was tagged by Diane to list out 40 things about myself on my blog. Here they are...

1. I am English and Austrian
2. My degree is in Anthropology
3. I like fruit cobbler – sometimes I’m known as a cobbler gobbler
4. My own first pet was George the cat – I’ve had him since 2002 and he’s 13 years old now
5. Lucky is my first “sport” dog – we did competitive flyball on Seattle’s Best Canines flyball team until I retired him last year
6. Mattie is my second “sport” dog – she has potential to do anything but she is best at obedience and herding
7. Scott is my third “sport dog” – he is a phenomenal herding dog and he is making me look good out there in the herding trial world! Thank you Diane for letting me have Scott!
8. My sister is older but much shorter than me – she is my little big sister.
9. My mom makes good English food; my Dad makes the best buttermilk pancakes
10. My father was in the Air Force and I lived in Idaho, England, Michigan and Washington by the time I was 4 years old.
11. I helped more than 1,800 people become volunteers at the Seattle Animal Shelter
12. I never read directions
13. I like jazz and big band music; I loathe country
14. I’m an excellent speller but cannot remember vocabulary definitions
15. I took Norwegian in college to fulfill my college foreign language requirement
16. I played flute in 6th grade and played piano and auxiliary percussion in high school band.
17. I am addicted to Vietnamese food
18. I have my own bowling ball and bowling shoes
19. In elementary school, for show-and-tell, my mom would bring my English Cocker Spaniels Judy and Sammy into class and I would talk about show dogs and cockers to my classmates
20. I let my dogs eat Cheetos right out of my mouth
21. My first car was a 1971 orange VW Bug
22. My favorite car I've ever owned was a 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX (227hp!)
23. My other cars I’ve personally owned: 1990 Toyota Tercel, 1994 Ford Escort, 2002 Honda CR-V, 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid
24. I used to show dogs in junior showmanship competitions at dog shows
25. My first job ever was at Dairy Queen in North Bend, making Blizzards at age 15
26. My employment history includes: Dairy Queen, a sandwich shop, an eye care clinic, a video store, Target, a cafeteria in college, a market research firm, a property and casualty insurance company, a health insurance company
27. I have been married for 6 years to Jerill
28. I always wanted to be a doctor, veterinarian or epidemiologist; I ended up in Marketing
29. My clothes closet is organized by clothing type and then by color; my Native American nickname is Princess Clothes-horse
30. In high school I asked a guy to the junior prom and he said “no”
31. In high school I played tennis and ran cross country
32. My 4 year old pastel calico cat GiGi sucks on the end of her tail almost every day
33. In 2001 I broke my pelvis and I now have the coolest scars on my hips
34. I have had to use a wheelchair, a walker and a cane to get around
35. I am learning how to alpine ski. I already know how to do cross-country skiing
36. I just bought a Nintendo Wii so I can bowl every night
37. I do not eat cooked green peas
38. My favorite colors are green and black
39. My favorite drink is Vodka tonic with a twist
40. I did the Seattle ½ marathon in under 4 hours

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  1. Goodness, your travel partner loves country music!!